Dragon scales and a couple of fails

This afghan ended up far from what I originally wanted. The plan was this beautiful chevron blanket with bold colours. Well that didn’t work out as planned. I spent about a week trying to get the chevron pattern to work for me but nothing would give. I would get one side working and the other side would go wonky. Or it would just slowly flatten out.

I will eventually get the chevron pattern but this afghan just wasn’t having it. So I went to my go-to stitch the beautiful intricate dragon or crocodile stitch. I love this stitch but i do have one issue with it – the back.The backside of the stitch isn’t as pretty as the front. I haven’t figured out how to combat that but I’m sure I will figure it out.

This blanket is another one I made for an aunt, we will call this aunt M. She wanted me to pick the yarn and the pattern and so I did. I found the colours and fell in love with them. I wanted to make sure she got a tiny bit of my grandmothers yarn as well so hidden among the white scales are some hidden pieces of white yarn from my stash.

After I got the main body of the blanket finished I needed to figure out the edging. I couldn’t just have the edging stop, it had to match the eloquence of the blanket. I ended up playing trial and error and eventually found a nice a filly edge.


After tying all the ends in and making sure every pieces was perfect I finally finished the afghan and it was ready to be brought to M.

Now the next goal is to master the tricky and yet apparently simple chevron stitch.

Colour outside the lines,



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