Small and meaningful

July 2014 was a hard month. I had to say good-bye to a woman I loved dearly – my grandmother.

After the grief consumed me and I found my way out of the sadness I remembered something. Before she passed she had given me her yarn stash. Bags and bags of balled up yarn of different colours and thicknesses. Only a couple had labels, the rest were rolled up into balls and the ends taped so they wouldn’t unravel. I’m pretty sure some of the balls of yarn were old sweaters or blankets she unravelled and made into balls because there were so many different pieces just rolled together as one. She wouldn’t waste anything.

I decided I wasn’t going to let those pieces of yarn go to waste.

My aunts came to visit and saw some of the creations I had made. They wanted something for themselves. My one aunt let’s call her T, just wanted something small and made solely with my grandmothers yarn.

So I got to work. I went through the yarn and found the colours. Then I scoured the internet for the perfect pattern. It was going to be small so I knew I wanted it to be intricate. Eventually after trying many different patterns I found the one I wanted. And I got to work.

The final product ended up being this beautiful square that looks almost like a dreamcatcher or a mandala with all of the intricate parts.

But I think the most meaningful part isn’t the prettiest side of the square. It’s the messy underside that I left untouched. Because of the yarn and because my grandmother was who she was, even though I used so little of the yarn there were still many pieces I was working with. I left those knots and strings loose.


These pieces of yarn are some of the few things I have left of my grandmother. In every crocheted piece I make there is at least one hidden string that was hers. My talent with yarn and my hands came from her. She taught me how to sew and how to tie a knot that won’t come undone.

She lives on through my crochet and through my sewing and I know she would have loved that I use every bit of yarn. Even the pieces I cut off, they go in a container to be used later.

Nothing will be wasted and the smallest things will always mean the most.

Colour outside the lines,



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