Flowers from hell – A shawl to make you go mad

Inspiration and creation are two different animals. The problem is combining the two to make the perfect piece. I have battled these two beasts many times but never like this. I found a photo that inspired a creation that was made out of love. But this creation was filled with tears, sweat and one thing I rarely do -a long string of curse words. But I got through it. It is far from what I wanted it to be but I still believe it came out a success in the end.

This was my inspiration. This one photo filled me with excitement and a flow of creative agony all at the same time.


The colours, the flowers and the skull screamed my friend, lets call her C, everything about it made me think of her.  I saw a shawl that exploded in colour and of the day of the dead with the skulls attached. It was going to be glorious!

And so the journey began. I found a whole bunch of bright colours in my bag of yarn and started. One of the hardest parts of this project was I couldn’t show C what was doing. C normally gets all of my frustrations and joyful successes.


Next was to create the flowers and the skulls. There isn’t one pattern for both so I went searching. I found hundreds of different flower patterns but I wanted to make sure it was perfect. Eventually I found the one I wanted and I got started. Then I realized I needed to attach them to the skull as I made them. So next was the hunt for the skull pattern. I found a couple but they didn’t look right. This is where the frustration started. But eventually I found it! I wasn’t giving up!

Getting one skull done was easy attaching it to the next ones that’s where it got difficult. I couldn’t get everything to work. So I did what any creative crocheter would do. I made a physical pattern with paper and joined them with extra bits of yarn, then photographed the whole thing.

This is where I figured out my problem. The inspiration photo has 6 petals, I had 7. One tiny petal is what created all of the havoc in this entire project. But I was too far to start over. So I made do with what I had and I improvised. I added an extra line of flowers to make up for that one little petal that was getting in my way.


Once I figured out the problem I was rolling again. I started attaching flowers everywhere it was a colourful explosion in my living-room of yarn, paper and skull pieces.

It was going beautifully until I got to the end. It looked great on the floor. But it was awkward and funny looking when it was on the body. It didn’t do what it was supposed to. But I was still happy with the outcome. I mean it still screamed C the way I thought it would and it wasn’t truly meant to be worn. This just means I need to try this again with smaller flowers with only 6 petals. But overall C is left with something I made purely for her and has a great colourful explosion to decorate her room.


Until next time,

Colour outside the lines,



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