The Frustration of Creation

Writers block, or any kind of creative block is rough but what is worse, having inspiration and not having the materials to see your vision through.

It’s like a steam engine ready and fired up and no rails to go exploring on. It just doesn’t work. Well I dealt with this yesterday.

I finally figured out what I wanted to make. I wanted to make something small and useful yet elegant. So I set out to make a beautiful, colourful, peacock feather bookmark. It met all of my criteria.

So I started with inspiration. This beautiful photo! There was no pattern but I was determined. Pinterest is a great place to find inspiration and patterns but sometimes, you don’t find the perfect things. Well this is what I found and I wanted to recreate it.

5aadbb4325308f0214ac78740dc9415aSo I set out to make my own pattern. I found colours I wanted to use, a size G hook and got started.


I started to crochet and write it down as I went, stitch by stitch, and as I pulled out and tried again I scratched it out. Eventually I got it to where I wanted it, or so I thought.


I fought and i knotted but I finally got it to look the way I wanted! Everything was perfect!


Except one thing! My yarn was too big. If I use it it will hurt my books and thats an even bigger tragedy then the yarn being too big. Now what?


Well I decided to block it anyway. Maybe I can figure something else out with it.


But In my frustration I did find a great colour in a smaller yarn, maybe I’ll try another design with this yarn.



What do you think I should do with my too thick “bookmark”?

Colour outside the lines,



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