The versatility of a granny square

So far in my short crocheting career I have already discovered the versatility of the granny square.

From some of their early beginnings granny squares have been known to be colourful and sometimes elaborate. They can make almost anything from blankets, scarves, stuffed animals and even purses. You can even find them hidden within popular culture, have you ever looked at the pillows on Monica’s couch in Friends, or the blanket on the back of Amy’s couch in Big Bang Theory?  (I bet you will now)

I first decided to try a granny square because it seemed like a simple place to start. Now I cant stop finding new and different ways to recreate it. Here are just some of the creations this crazy square and I have created.

The Pink Throw Blanket 

The Purple Baby Blanket


 The Yellow Ombre Baby Blanket 


The Simple Cream and Blue Baby Blanket 


There are a couple other things in the works like a stormtrooper themed blanket that seems to constantly run out of yarn (This time its black and blue I ran out of), as well as another baby blanket that is more tummy time appropriate because of its shape.

I have also been intrigued by granny square bags, its just a matter of  finding the right colour.

What do you think would look great with granny squares?

Colour outside the lines,




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