What a hoot!

One of the first things I decided to make was a blanket with appliqués. Yep, you read that right one of the FIRST things. I don’t start small. Go big or go home right?

Well it all started when I saw this beautiful blanket.


I fell in love with it but as hard as I tried I just couldn’t find a pattern. So I decided to create my own. Little did I know how hard that would actually be.

It took an entire year to finish it but, the results were worth it. I would like to make another one now that my appliqué attaching skills are a little better but for one of my first projects I can’t complain.

This is my final product.




First I had to pick the colours, I wanted it bright and cheerful. Then it was the stitch. It had to be something solid to keep the pattern so I decided on a star stitch. It took about three tries to get it right and make the blanket the right size but I got it. I fell in love with this stitch.


After I figured out the stitch it was mapping the stripes.


One of the hardest parts was running out of yarn. This project taught me that its always better to have too much then too little. This photo was one of the last skeins of that yellow that I have found. I ended up searching for a month to find a yellow that was even remotely close to it. But I found it in the end.

The second hardest part was the edging. I spent hours searching and constantly redoing the edging to make sure I got it just right. Eventually I landed on a couple of different edges added together.



Now that the base of the blanket was finished it was onto the appliqué parts. So I needed owls.

Then I needed to make the leaves of the trees. The leaves were a mix of different tutorials I had find until I found a leaf shape I liked.


The branches were an improvised creation. I just started crocheting and they were what happened.


So all that was left was to place everything and sew it on right! Wrong! I placed my cute little owls on the blanket and they got lost among the colours!


What I ended up doing was adding a white border around them to make them stand out.

owls26 owls1

Now its time to sew them on!

I made sure that the stitches couldn’t be seen on either side. Now that was time consuming!



After a year of fighting, frustration and fiddling with all the pieces it was finally finished!


If you want the stitches and links to where i found some of the patterns let me know.

What was your first big project?

Until next time, colour outside the lines!



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