My name is Amy and this is my journey into my obsession of yarn. I started in 2013 and taught myself the basics.  Something about the versatility of yarn just hooked me. I hated that crochet and knitting were becoming a dying art. So, here I am doing my part and bringing some modernism to it.


First I tried knitting and well that did not go well. Something about having to use both hands and the constant counting, my a.d.d. just couldn’t make it work. I made three things and well, that is where the number will stay.

But I wasn’t going to give up. I tried crochet next. It didn’t come easy but something about it called to me and I kept going. The first pieces were complete fails as you can see. My first star is well sad but it definitely progressed.


And now its become an obsession. I don’t go anywhere without yarn and a hook. I have made everything from blankets to bracelets and even some adorable stuffed creations … just don’t ask me to make slippers.  I will be adding patterns, inspirations and finished products here and even some tutorial links. I look forward to sharing this journey with you.

Colour outside the lines,






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